Hope Is a Powerful Thing

April 10, 2018

CBNR contributor Kathy Carlin writes that when you have a daughter incarcerated, your life changes drastically, your faith in humanity diminishes, and your hope for a brighter future dims. Every day, you have to rise above what wants to drag you down—for your daughter’s sake, for your sake and for the sake of your family.


In Search of Untold Stories—and Transformative Change

April 2, 2018

Stories don’t just capture the public’s imagination. They inspire people to act. They force institutions to change. As journalists and lawyers, we see far too often how the policies that impact people’s lives often rest on the stories that decision makers know and prioritize. Knowing these truths, we have launched a platform for underrepresented communities. Our Community Based News Room (CBNR) amplifies the stories of those whose voices often are tuned out and gives ordinary people the advocacy and storytelling tools they need to be in full control of the narratives that shape their lives.