VIDEO: Sramik Awaaz: Workers Voices Documentary Short

Sramik Awaaz: Workers Voices is a documentary on the labor movement in Bangladesh.  It is a collaboration between Law@theMargins Editor Chaumtoli Huq and documentary filmmaker Mohammed Romel.  The documentary focuses on workers in the garment industry, highlighting their organizing efforts, educating others on trade union rights, developing female leadership, and building worldwide allies.  This is a short documentary of what will be a full length documentary to be released in late fall 2015.

Share this short documentary with your friends, students, communities and host a discussion on how you might support workers’ rights.  Invite us to participate to facilitate a conversation on labor rights and building a grassroots global labor solidarity movement.  Invite and meet some of the amazing and courageous organizers from Bangladesh.

This project is supported by generous individual donors.  See who they are here. If you Continue to support us at

Funds raised above the costs of the documentary and its distribution will go towards creating a Cooperative Organizing Fund which will support workers and organizations in their labor organizing efforts, and, in particular, to support worker-organizers who are retaliated against with firing for their courage to stand up for workers’ rights.

Contact for more information.  You can also read more about the documentary through the following media coverage.

The Quest To Educate Bangladesh’s Garment Workers About Their Rights

Workers Voices Documentary Uses Personal Stories to Highlight Women’s Leadership in Bangladeshi Garment Industry

Women Garment Workers in Bangladesh Fight to Improve Working Conditions

Behind the Thread (my segment begins at 18:02)


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