Reflecting on Gherao as a Movement Building Tactic

May 6, 2015

“Gherao is the expression of the popular movement. When we talk about gherao, we talk about people’s power. When we talk about gherao, we talk about the empowerment of workers and the marginalized section of our society and students who want a better future for them and the polity.   That is why it is important to study the gherao movement.”   “Law is not independent.  Law is the reflection of…


Rana Plaza: Mourning and Meaning

April 24, 2015

  Leading up to the second anniversary of Rana Plaza factory building collapse, I was thinking of what to write.  Each time, I sat down to pen something I was reminded of the immense, heart wrenching pain of workers and their families.   My mind failed me, and all I could do was to sit with the pain, to feel the intensity, the truth of which I would never know….


Perspectives: Corporate Social Responsibility and Disposable Labor

Nikodemus Solitander is a postdoctoral researcher in Supply chain management and social responsibility at Hanken School of Economics, Finland. He can be contacted at and followed on Twitter @CSR_FPtP       Not so long ago, the CEO of an international corporation (well-known for its Corporate Social Responsibility-programs and present in all of the ethical indexes and rankings) said during a well-attended meeting with the media that it will…

April 21, 2015

Interview with Documentary Filmmaker Dakxin Chhara on Nomadic Tribes in India

April 6, 2015

Photo credit. Birth1871 documentary. Editor of Law@theMargins Chaumtoli Huq sits down and talks with documentary filmmaker and Director of Budhan Theater Dakxin Chhara on his film Birth 1871 on the history of denotified tribes (DNT) in India.  “Do you think 60 million people are born criminals?” he asks.  Of course, our answer is no because to say otherwise would go against our sense of fairness and human rights. Dakxin is…


Perspectives: Life of a Trade Union Leader

Ms. Aneno Catherine, the General Secretary of the Uganda Textile, Garment, Leather and Allied Workers Union (UTGLAWU), writes about her experiences helping to address the many challenges that women face both in the work place and in the organizing world.

March 2, 2015

Malcolm’s Global Legacy: Prescient Insight on the “War on Terror”

The death of Malcolm X coincidentally falls on the same day of the Language Movement in Bangladesh, where Bangladeshis fought against the imposition of Urdu as a national language by Pakistan. What does the convergence of these historical facts reveal to me as a first-generation Bangladeshi based in the United States? Actually, a number of helpful lessons in understanding the nuances of social justice movements and their relationship to faith, and their dynamism and conflicting and mutually constitutive functions.

February 21, 2015