VIDEO: B&H Workers Fight for Fair Contract and Urges All Workers To Organize

B&H Warehouse Workers organize to form a union and for a fair contract. Listen to them as they encourage all workers to organize at their workplace. “It is not right how we are being treated. We are not heard. We are not valued as people. We are fighting for a better future for ourselves, our families, for the entire community.” Armando “We want to organize to establish a union that…


A National Black Women’s Economic Agenda Would Improve All Workers’ Rights

By Chaumtoli Huq, a human rights attorney and Editor of Law@theMargins (lawatthemargins.com) In all measures, including health, education, and economic security, black women in the United States fare worse than other women, as detailed by the Center for American Progress. Black women earn 63 cents on the dollar in comparison to the 79 cents for white women as revealed by a study by the American Association of University Women. Linda…


Perspective: Advocating for the Rights of Indigenous Women

Depending on the country and context, indigenous peoples are referred to with various terms, including tribal, natives, national minorities, and aboriginals. According to the International Labour Organisation’s Convention No. 107, these groups were referred as “temporary societies” in reference to the belief that these groups were under threat of extinction due to modernisation.  Convention No. 107 was ratified by 27 countries including Bangladesh, of which I am a citizen. During…


Perspectives: Reflections on Islam, Spirituality and Justice

By Margari Hill, a Founder and Programming Director of Muslim ARC. She can be found on twitter @margari_aziza I embraced Islam in the 90s, a period of Black consciouness in Hip Hop, with artists who popularized Islam like Rakim, Brand Nubian, and Poor Righteous Teachers from my home town Trenton New Jersey. Guru from Gang Starr dropped the line, “I was raised like a Muslim, praying to the East …” I…