Perspectives: Practicing What We Preach: Tools For Employing Spirituality and Mindfulness in Our Social Justice Work

September 20, 2015

We have tremendous victories to celebrate. Recently, the City of Los Angeles joined other cities throughout the country by enacting a $15 minimum wage and an innovative wage theft enforcement policy that will become a model for the country. Los Angeles County followed soon thereafter when the Board of Supervisors voted to approve a $15 minimum wage for the unincorporated areas in the county. There were similar victories throughout the…


Perspectives: The Social Justice Law School Experience: Service Learning at the Karnes Detention Camp

July 6, 2015

By Johan Fatemi, Clinical Instructor and Teaching Fellow at UDC David A. Clarke School of Law In her excellent Law at the Margins post, Traci Yoder of the National Lawyers’ Guild recently asked: “Is a Social Justice Law School Experience Possible?” Having recently accompanied a group of University of the District of Columbia David A Clarke School of Law student-attorneys on an experiential learning trip to the Karnes County family…


Perspectives: Is a Social Justice Law School Experience Possible?

June 9, 2015

By Traci Yoder, the National Lawyers Guild (NLG) Director of Education and Research.   “The first thing I lost in law school was the reason that I came.” –Anonymous law student   This quote comes from an essay by Loyola law professor and former National Lawyers Guild President William Quigley in which he describes the difficulties that social justice-oriented students experience when they begin their legal education.  Many law students can…


VIDEO: Bangladesh Trade Union Center General Secretary Discusses Global Labor Solidarity

April 30, 2015

On the occasion of May Day, I am sharing a clip from an interview with Dr. Wajidul Islam, General Secretary of the Bangladesh Trade Union Center where he discusses the importance of global labor solidarity.  He encourages all trade unions from all countries to come together and fight for workers rights.  Solidarity helps local unions strengthen their own labor movement and it helps strengthen the capacity of unions to work around…


Perspectives: Stand with Nan-Hui: Intimate Violence, Systemic Violence, and Community Accountability

April 28, 2015

By Hyejin Shim,  a core organizer of the Stand With Nan-Hui campaign, based in the Bay Area, and Soniya Munshi, a member of the INCITE! National Collective and a professor of Sociology and Asian American History at the CUNY Borough of Manhattan Community College based in New York City. Nan-Hui is an undocumented Korean survivor of domestic violence. Her former partner and father of her child is an Iraq War veteran who…


Interview with Documentary Filmmaker Dakxin Chhara on Nomadic Tribes in India

April 6, 2015

Photo credit. Birth1871 documentary. Editor of Law@theMargins Chaumtoli Huq sits down and talks with documentary filmmaker and Director of Budhan Theater Dakxin Chhara on his film Birth 1871 on the history of denotified tribes (DNT) in India.  “Do you think 60 million people are born criminals?” he asks.  Of course, our answer is no because to say otherwise would go against our sense of fairness and human rights. Dakxin is…


Perspectives: Understanding Malcolm X’s Legacy

The way in which Malcolm X has been represented in the mainstream is curious to me. I do not believe that we have been provided with the whole picture of this powerful leader due to how threatening he was to the status quo. As a civil rights lawyer who has worked with Muslim women around the globe and who has family rooted in Gujarat, India, I am familiar with the…

February 20, 2015

Perspectives: Legalizing Discrimination: Rising Tide of Islamophobia

“It has been weeks since the killings of the Charlie Hedbo journalists in France. It was a horrific act of violence, and no words can describe the sheer absurdity of the event and surreal feeling it spread among people. It is a shame that the aftermath of the events became more gruesome and utterly insane for any civilized society. There were renewed calls for all Muslims to take responsibility, revival of the clash of civilization debates and anti-Muslim activities soared in France. This was in addition to the already existing pseudo scholarship available on the web explaining the true violent nature of Islam. I sat shocked and hurt all over again perhaps finding myself again in a state of defending my faith.”

February 10, 2015