Learning to Walk Behind Bars: The Treatment of Accompanied Children in Detention

November 15, 2016

Claire R. Thomas is an attorney and adjunct professor interested in migration, statelessness, human rights, and empowerment for women and girls facing poverty and gender-based violence. Based in New York City, Thomas advocates for immigrant children facing deportation from the United States as an attorney with the Safe Passage Project and teaches at New York Law School. Over the past 30 years, immigration detention in the United States has expanded…


VIDEO: Tea Workers Protest Creation of Economic Zone Over Their Cultivated Land

November 5, 2016

Tea workers from Chandpore Tea Estate share about their protest to stop the creation of a special economic zone over land they have cultivated for years to supplement their meager salary from tea plucking.  Listen to them talk about their struggle that began in December 2015.  While the government has halted on the plan to have a economic zone, after months of protest, there is still not guarantee that they…


Ending the Hurt at Work: Raising Awareness About Intimate Partner Abuse in the Workplace

October 10, 2016

Dovie Yoana King is an adjunct professor at Miramar College and a Contributing Labor Writer to Law@theMargins. She is also an experienced public interest lawyer, victim’s rights advocate and survivor. Dovie regularly volunteers at a domestic violence restraining order clinic. She is a member of the San Diego Domestic Violence Council. October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month. For those of us who regularly work to empower victims and survivors, and hold…


Lessons Learned from California’s Paid Leave Law

March 4, 2016

There has never been a better time to push for a national policy on paid leave. But as we raise our collective voices for paid leave, what are the lessons we can share from California? How can we create a policy that is equitable and really works for all US workers – young, low income, men and women of color, and new immigrants?


Justice for Teaworkers: My Motherland Can’t Be Grabbed

February 21, 2016

Son of tea workers, Mohan Rabidas is one of the organizers of Chandpur Begumkhan Tea Garden. He a Community Justice Fellow with Bangladesh Legal Aid and Services Trust (BLAST)  There are 1.5 million tea workers living in Bangladesh for 180 years. Inspite of that, they don’t have a right to their land. To speak candidly, they are alien in their own country. Tea workers work from dawn to dusk for only…


Perspectives: Free and Equal: A Rights-Based Response to Labor Exploitation

December 10, 2015

Despite legal advances, modern forms of slavery, unfree or forced labor, and servitude persist today, fueled by inequality and weak rights protection. Recent responses that have emphasized transparency in global supply chains assist in identifying risk and building company awareness, but must also be must be underpinned by strong rights-based response in order to be effective.


VIDEO: B&H Workers Fight for Fair Contract and Urges All Workers To Organize

November 24, 2015

B&H Warehouse Workers organize to form a union and for a fair contract. Listen to them as they encourage all workers to organize at their workplace. “It is not right how we are being treated. We are not heard. We are not valued as people. We are fighting for a better future for ourselves, our families, for the entire community.” Armando “We want to organize to establish a union that…